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Recent Work:

Polly Unsaturated

26" x 36"


What do you call a parrot in a raincoat? Polly Unsaturated!

This quilt was created for a group exhibit of Punchlines with Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends. My daughter Aimee drew the parrot, and I pieced it in a variety of methods using commercial cottons. The border was adapted from a technique I learned in a class with Bonnie Hunter. It is quilted by hand with iridescent thread and embellished with vinyl and Extravorganza.

Fractured Flower

These are the four sections of the fractured flower clematis challenge I did with some friends. It was made using commercial cotton fabrics, including fairy frost, and silk organza was used for the dimensional petals. I kept the top left quadrant and exchanged each of the other 3 with 3 different artists. I am now going to put together my new unfractured flower.

Keeping My Good Humor
18" x 18"

Throughout the summer, we live on popsicles in my family. Popsicles are so cool and refreshing, either out of the freezer in the kitchen or out a Good Humor truck. Some of my fondest memories during childhood come tumbling back whenever I hear a Good Humor truck driving through our neighborhood. This quilt was made to depict something cool on a hot day with a wonderful line of fabric I discovered at called Fairy Frost. The quilt was actually built around the fabric, it was my inspiration. Original design, free-motion quilted using commercial cottons.


There's No Place Like Nome
18" x 18"

To me, the polar opposite (pun intended) of being in Northern Virginia during the summer where it is often oppresively humid and in the high 90s, would be Nome, Alaska. The thought of dog sledding there in the winter inspired this quilt, which is an original design, constructed using commercial cottons, angelina fibers, a lazy landscape piecing method I learned from Lisa Ellis, and free-motion quilting.

Color Veal
32 1/2" x 30 1/2"

I took an Art Quilt Class at our local quilt shop and the first assignment was to do a color wheel. There was a good amount of moaning and groaning that ensued; we've all done a number of color wheels in classes. It's always been a worthwhile assignment, but for some reason I wanted to do something different. I pretended I misheard the assignment and showed up at the next class with my collection of pork chops, introducing with a very bad German accent my own Color Veal! Materials and techniques used include timtex, commercial cottons, stamping, raw-edge appliqué and free motion quilting.

Components on a Grid #1
10" x 9 1/2"
Private Collection of Judy Busby

This piece was made using commercial cottons, beads, threads and computer pieces. It is hand-stitched with pearl cottons and stamped with metallic paint.

Cyclea Peltata

30" x 30"

Made for a special commission for the University of Michigan Cancer Center.


This quilt was inspired by a photo taken by Dr. Eby Abraham, an Ayurvedic doctor who lives with his family in Kerala, India.  Dr. Abraham says of Kerala, "This place, gifted by god, is very beautiful, with lot of Medicinal plants. But nowadays, destructive activities in the name of development and urbanization almost destroyed this treasure and people here are not at all aware of this, due to ignorance, and greed."  For more information, please check Dr. Abraham's website at  I am most grateful for his permission to use his photo for this quilt!  


Click to Enlarge

Identity Crisis Special Exhibit.


Our Lady of Bling

18" x 60"

One exciting thing to do with fiber art is to take something traditional, such as an image, or a fabric, or a design, and change it so that what was ordinary becomes different and new.  I used to only use cotton fabrics in my art work, in my prior comfort zone.  Only recently, a good friend encouraged me to explore my growing passion for shiny, sparkly fabric.  This piece was created joyfully with a collection of exuberant colors, lively prints and a wide variety of fabrics.  It is machine and hand-pieced and abundantly embellished.

Original design; class on Lazy Landscape with fused piecing technique by Lisa Ellis at The Quilt Patch.

Lazy SeascapeLazy Seascape

24" x 19.5"


Petal FlurriesPetal Flurries

23" x 16"


Basted Turkey with Cranberries

26 1/2" x 15 1/4"


Pink MeanderingPink Meandering

14" x 22"

November HushNovember Hush

15 1/2" x 28"

2007 Journal Quilt


 Exhibited in Houston at the Internal Quilt Festival. Click on the thumbnail to read my Artist Statement.


What's the Frequency Kenneth?47" x 40 1/2"

 Commercial cottons used in design depicting radio frequency spectrum charts used by my husband who is a telecommunications attorney.  Displayed at the Washington, DC office of Wiley & Rein.


Click on image to view detail.


Kahala Twilight

28 1/2" x 27"

Inspired by a recent trip back to Hawaii.  Machine pieced and free-motion quilted, raw-edge appliquéd.


Kilauea Fiddlehead

16 1/2" x 16"

Photo transfer from picture I took at the Kilauea Volcano Park.  Machine pieced and free-motion quilted, beaded with glass beads and coral, couched fibers.


Blue Inchies #1

11" x 22"

Three-layered "inchies" assembled onto three-layer base.  All done by hand.

Nest Eggs Postcard

6" x 4"



21 1/2" x 24"

This piece proved that it's impossible to create something beautiful with a migraine.

Other Work:

Disconnect:  38 1/2" x 39 1/2"
Embellished with various metal and glass beads, also alphabet beads spelling out "Can you hear me now".


Click on image to view detail.

Fujiblossom Postcard: 4" x 6"

Class Projects and/or Patterns:

Jewels of the Nile

40 1/2" x 41"


Paper-pieced in a class taught by Annabel Ebersole. Pattern by Linda Sullivan for Linderella.



Doug's Turtles

27 1/2" x 13"

Raw-edge appliquéd and machine-stitched with beaded embellishments.  From pattern purchased at Kilauea Kreations in Hawaii.


Solar Swirl

35" x 36"

Partially paper-pieced and adapted from a class taken with Betty Dietz. 



50" x 47"

I very recently took a class from the method described in the One Block Wonder book, taught by Jackie Thompson.  It was so amazing to see how different all of the quilts turned out, depending on the fabric chosen. 


Works in Progress:
Purple Cone Flower Challenge:
24" x 22" 


Raw silks and commercial cotton, raw-edge appliquéd, embellished with various threads and embroidery.  Part of a fractured quilt challenge through the Quilt Art Digest.


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